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Disclaimer - Propertiesabroad.com and Harlequin Property


All material information compiled by propertiesabroad.com, which could be in the form of emails and attachments, associated documents, brochures, downloads or website pages, are summarised, reformatted, rewritten or drawn directly from information provided by Harlequin.

Any Harlequin information we use, will have been supplied to us in a variety of formats: emails over a period of time; blogs; newsletters and websites etc. We then assemble and re-present that same information but in a more user friendly format. Records of source material are kept.

When providing or forwarding such information, we go to all reasonable lengths to ensure that everything we present is as accurate as possible and updated with any new information. However, the sheer volume of information, variety of contributors and frequency of material updates means that some mistakes or inaccuracies are inevitable. Hence why we advise that you must not be reliant upon the accuracy of such information for a decision to purchase and that such information cannot form part of any ensuing property purchase contract. As a matter of policy, we advise anyone considering a purchase to take independent professional advice.

We use the term investment in reference to freehold property purchase and not to securities as regulated by the FSA. Other than in general terms, we cannot give you specific advice regarding a pension as this must be provided by an FSA regulated IFA.